Have the most
memorable years of your life in the

Kortepohja Student Village 

The Kortepohja Student Village is the home of 2000 people. The services provided be the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä make sure that you can focus on the most special moments of your life. 

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Services in Kortepohja

In Kortepohja all the services are near to you. Groceries are right around the corner and a great deal of hobby opportunities are right in the neighbourhood. Bus stops that will take you right to town are right outside your window. Kortepohja is a lively, well-connected part of town with great services!

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The student village progresses

The Kortepohja area has been developed by the Student Union since 1968. JYY wants to be a part of this development in the future as well. In addition to developing the area we make sure our apartments always have what the tenants need. Building and renovating within Kortepohja is an important part of our service.