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The Kortepohja Student Village is located in Kortepohja, Jyväskylä. Student Village offers apartments ranging from shared apartments to multiple-bedroom family apartments.

19 Aug

Hey driver, apply now for a heating pole place for your car!

If you need a parking space with a heating pole, fill in a...[Read more]
15 Aug

Be a double ecological - pedal by a recycled bike!

The easiest vehicle of a student of Jyväskylä is a bike. There's no doubt. Environmentally...[Read more]
13 Aug

Adjustments in the rules of JYY - Not significant changes for the tenants of the Student Village

Some adjustments has been made to the basic rules of the Student Union of the University of...[Read more]
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19 Aug

Current housing situation in the Student Village

In the Kortepohja Student Village there are no available apartments left for September...[Read more]
12 Aug

I'm still searching for a flat - can I do anything more?

Housing situation of the Kortepohja Student Village follows old custom, we have more...[Read more]
18 Jul

Present housing situation

All August tenants have been chosen. In other words, there's not any possibility to get an...[Read more]
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  • 28.08.2014 Muuton lähestyessä on hyvä muistaa, että esimerkiksi suihku on hyvä siivota kaakelinpesuaineella.

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